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Product Design Case Study


OBJECTIVE Streamline a long-haul trucker’s workflow with a mobile application that:

  • Accounts for different levels of education
  • Can be translated into multiple languages
  • Is intuitive for older generations
  • Complies with federal and state laws
  • Coordinates document handling with a web application
  • Respects a culture of privacy
  • Maintains aesthetic consistency

Mutliple product reviews were conducted working up and down the chain of command to meet all of the requirements above.

Freight broker dashboard before rebranding
The Parade Mobile application was the first product designed after a company-wide rebranding. The app’s features were designed to interface with a dashboard designed for office use by freight brokers.

As with many startups, Parade (formerly Dray Technologies) pivoted. As the company rebranded and abandoned its original business model, the enterprise mobile and desktop applications were scrapped despite being fully functional.
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