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Branding Case Study


Before & After

Like most startups, Dray adhered to a clean, minimalist aesthetic. My challenge was imbuing it with personality. The original typeface was chosen by the companies CEO. I insisted on leaving it logo-less for two reasons: 1. The bridgeless “A” is both memorable and distinctive on its own, and any additional elements would crowd and distract from the typeface’s subtle calling card. 2. Dray was a short enough word that it could hold its own as a logo, similar to the simple yet powerful Matson logo.

The brand needed a new environment.

New Home Page

Rather than hide in black, I wanted Dray to feel bold yet accessible. I wanted the company’s confidence to be clear from the moment you saw it. I used the brand’s original, modern red and paired it with an unapologetically bold typeface. Rather than hiding the company slogan beneath the logo, I would emphasize Dray’s mission first.  
Lastly, I wrote website copy to flesh out the brand’s tone. My goal was to avoid the pretentiousness that stereotypically surrounds technology companies. No eloquent, lofty product descriptions, just clear communication that’s straight to the point. Dray is no-nonsense. Dray knows what it does and does it well.

Sample Copy & Color Scheme
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